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Welcome to our blog. My name is Ms Jun and I will be teaching Kindergarten in 2016! Check out our blog to see all the wonderful things we are learning, sharing and creating in our classroom. 

Let’s have an Awesome Year!

-Ms Jun-

Art Expo: Our Amazing Terrariums

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This term we have been learning about plants and all the amazing things about them! We discussed and described parts of a flowering plant, differentiating different types of plants and the needs of a plant.

Plants need light to grow and so does our students with their learning! A little bit of guidance with students creativity, effort and imagination, we can see them grow, GRow, GROW!

Hence, we decided to create an artificial terrarium!

This was the process:

Artificial Tree

1. Went outside to Area 6 to find twigs and small branches for the trees.

2. Used coloured crepe/tissue paper to create colourful leaves on trees by tearing, rolling and gluing them on the trees.

Creating the Terrarium

1. Added soil for the base.

2. Carefully layered coloured sand, remembering not to mix the colours together.

3. Added pebbels for the final layer.

4. Inserted the artificial tree.

5. Decorated the around the surface with bushes that was cut up from artificial plants bought from the dollar store!

It was an exciting and a wonderful experience for the students! Hope you enjoy them:)

From little thing BIG things GROW…

Education Week: Open Classroom

Hi K/1 Violet,

On Friday, 31st of July is ‘Open Classroom’ day for Education Week.

Your parents are welcome to come in to the classroom to see all your wonderful work and join in with your learning.

It starts at 9am, followed by assembly at 10am.

Encourage your parents to come along!:)raise


What is Numeracy?numeracy

To be numerate is to confidently and effectively use mathematics to meet the everyday demands of life.

 Why is numeracy important?

Numeracy enables you to develop logical thinking and reasoning strategies in your daily life. We need numeracy to solve problems and make sense of time, numbers, patterns and shapes for activities like cooking, reading a map or bill, reading instructions and even playing sport.

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays!

What an exciting term it has been!

Enjoy your break and remember to PRACTICE your sounds, sight words and your mathematical skills!

Also grab an interesting and fun book to read over the holidays!

Looking forward to another great term!

* Students return Tuesday 21 April, 2015.

K-One Violet

Native Violet: "Flower of Modesty"

Native Violet: “Flower of Modesty”

The Native Violet is native to Australia. They are common and widespread in Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and South Australia.  Surrounded by bright green leaves the Native Violet is a beautiful flower, with a delicate purple and white in colour.


Welcome to our blog. My name is Ms Jun and I will be teaching K-One Violet this year! We are a class of Kindergartens and Year 1′s. Feel free to check out our blog to see all the wonderful things we are learning, sharing and creating in our classroom. 
I hope you enjoy what you see!
-Ms Jun-